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Moscow – 02 Dec 2013

URALCHEM and Stamicarbon will develop a new technology for urea production

URALCHEM, a leading Russian producer of nitrogen fertilizers, signed a joint technology development agreement for the synthesis of urea with Stamicarbon, the world’s top developer and licensor of urea processes.

The agreement should result in the creation of a new technology that will be available for commercial use globally. It is being built on both Stamicarbon’s intellectual property and URALCHEM’s research cooperation with the Moscow State University Department of Chemistry. URALCHEM has been working with the MSU Dept. of Chemistry on the concept of 100% CO2conversion since 2008. The new technology will allow producing higher quality urea with less capital expenditure.

Within this joint project, URALCHEM will build, at its Perm Mineral Fertilizers site, a pilot unit designed by Stamicarbon, using the new technology. Subject to the positive evaluation of the pilot plant operations, Stamicarbon will proceed to the basic design of a commercial scale plant.

“This is one of those unique examples in modern Russian history in which a prominent western engineering company utilizes scientific findings of Russian fabricators and academic institutions”,noted Valeriy Lunin, Dean of the Moscow State University Department of Chemistry, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Reference information

MSU: development of physico-chemical model of urea synthesis process, programming and design of the reactor, optimization of manufacturing technology

Calculation of VLE surface around the saddle aseotrope in ammonia – carbon dioxide system

Calculation of VLE surface around the saddle aseotrope in ammonia – carbon dioxide system

Stamicarbon + URALCHEM: design and construction of test unit with the reactor of new type, design and creation of industrial unit

"Minudobrenia" Plant, Perm

“Minudobrenia” Plant, Perm

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