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Welcome to the website of the Laboratory of Chemical Thermodynamics of Lomonosov Moscow State University!

We are pleased to give you an opportunity to take a closer look at our education and research activity, our history and our plans. You can find information here about our research staff, teachers and our partners in Russia and other countries. We are proud of our undergraduate and postgraduate students who constantly bring new power and energy to our laboratory. Their engagement in our research projects is especially important for the future of the laboratory.

We placed on our website a demo version of the original thermodynamic database developed by our scientists. Its key element is a software package based on a so called CONVEX HULLS APPROACH. This method enables to calculate very effectively phase diagrams using thermodynamic data of all compounds and solutions virtually existing in the system under investigation. We will be happy to have your feedback on all you have seen on our website. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please, contact us at your convenience.

Our History

The laboratory was established by Prof. Adam V. Rakovsky first as a “halurgy laboratory” in 1930. Later in 1934, it was renamed “Laboratory of Chemical Thermodynamics”.

In 1941 – 1943 the Laboratory was headed by Prof. Dmitry N. Tarasenkov, in 1943 – 1976 – by the corresponding member of RAS, Professor Yakov I. Gerasimov, in 1976 – 2015 – by Prof. Gennady F. Voronin.

Since 2015 Prof. Irina A. Uspenskaya is the head of the Laboratory.
Totally 11 Doctors of Sciences and 93 Candidates of Sciences (PhD) made their theses in the Laboratory. Around 300 graduate students in Chemical Thermodynamics were educated for more then 90 years.

Now the laboratory staff is 14 researchers and 3 teachers including 6 Doctors of Sciences and 9 PhD.