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  • Physical Chemistry — 4th year students of MSU Department of Chemistry (Prof. Mikhail V. Korobov)
  • Chemical Thermodynamics — 3rd year student of MSU Department of Materials Science (Prof. Irina A. Uspenskaya), since 2013 according to new schedule Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  • Physical Chemistry — special group of MSU Department of Chemistry students “New and promising materials and technologies” (Prof. Irina A. Uspenskaya)
  • Statistical analysis of experimental results — 4th year student of MSU Department of Materials Science (Alexey L. Voskov)


  • Alla F. Mayorova — Department of Physics
  • Nikita A. Kovalenko — Department of Chemistry (group 412, “N&PM&T”)
  • Tatiana S. Babkina — Department of Materials Science

Course in Baku MSU Branch:

Selected Chapters of Physical Chemistry (Gleb V. Belov, Nikita A. Kovalenko)

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  • Selected Chapters of Physical Chemistry (Prof. Gennady F. Voronin, Prof. Irina A. Uspenskaya)
  • Computation methods of chemical thermodynamics (Prof. Gennady F. Voronin)
  • Thermodynamics of Silutions (Prof. Irina A. Uspenskaya)
  • Experimental methods of chemical thermodynamics (Prof. Gennady F. Voronin, Anna L. Emelina, Ilya B. Kutsenok, Nikita A. Kovalenko, Mikhail N. Mamontov)

New course Mathematical programming in chemical thermodynamics (Gleb V. Belov, Alexey L. Voskov, Nikita A. Kovalenko) is under development

Practical works:

  • Computation methods of chemical thermodynamics (Prof. Irina A. Uspenskaya, Alexey L. Voskov)
  • Experimental methods of chemical thermodynamics (Anna L. Emelina, Mikhail N. Mamontov, Nikita A. Kovalenko)

Special practical works course in MSU User Facility Centrum for PhD students is under development (Anna L. Emelina)

Academic seminar for students and young scientists is taking place every week.

Master Program Applied Chemical Thermodynamics:

In 2014 out Lab began to train master students.

Materials and schedules for all cources are placed on Russian version of this page