Gennady F. Voronin

Gennady F. Voronin

профессор, д.х.н., гл.н.с.

Контактная информация:


Bio: Was born in Moscow region , USSR (1935). Graduated and post-graduated from the Moscow State University (1958 and 1960)., Ph. D. (1963), D.Sc. (1971). Work at the Department of Chemistry of the Lomonosov Moscow State University: Junior Research Fellow (1960), Senior Research Fellow (1966), Head of the research laboratory of Chemical Thermodynamics (1976 – present).

Автор книг:

  • Термодинамика и структура жидких металлических сплавов. Москва, Изд. МГУ, 1966 г. (совместно с А.М.Евсеевым)
  • Основы термодинамики. Москва, Изд. МГУ, 1987 г.
  • Термодинамика и материаловедение полупроводников Москва, Изд. Металлургия, 1992 г. ( коллектив авторов)
  • Электрохимические методы исследования в термодинамике металлических систем Москва, Изд. Академкнига, 2003 г (коллектив авторов)

Main fields of scientific activity:

  • a new class of thermodynamic functions: partial functions of heterogeneous systems has been proposed and their efficiency in chemical thermodynamics established (G.F.Voronin, J.I.Gerassimov, Rev de chimie minerale, 1972, v.9, p.153)
  • thermodynamic theory of molecular beams scattering by solids has been developed and used for prediction of directional patterns of molecular beams with complex chemical composition ( G.F.Voronin Int.J. of Mass Spectr. and Ion Phys., 1982, v.43, p.1)
  • phase and chemical equilibria in materials with high-temperature superconductors in the Y-Ba-Cu-O system have been investigated. It has been proved rigorously that this materials are thermodynamically unstable under the application conditions (G.F.Voronin, Pure & Appl. Chem., 1992, v.64, p. 27)
  • a new method for the phase equilibria calculations and phase diagrams constructions: a convex hull method has been developed and used (Rus. J. of Physical Chemistry, 2003, v.77, № 10, p.1685-1694)

Honours and Awards:

  • USSR State Award on Science and Technology (1981)
  • First Prize of the USSR Mendeleev Chemical Society (1974),
  • First Scientific Prize of the Chemistry Department of MSU (1991).
  • Title “Honorary scientist of the Russian Federation” (1995).

Teaching activity:

Professor of Physical Chemistry of Moscow State University (since 1978)

Курсы лекций:

  • Современная химическая термодинамика
  • Термодинамика высокотемпературных сверхпроводников
  • Расчетные методы химической термодинамики.

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