Valery P. Vassiliev

Valery P. Vassiliev

д.х.н., в.н.с.

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Bio: Was born in Moscow, USSR (1937). Graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University (1964), Ph. D. (1972), D.Sc. (2007). Work at the Chemistry Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University: Junior Scientist (1964), Senior Scientist (1976), Diploma of Senior Scientist (1981), Head Scientist of the laboratory of Chemical Thermodynamics (1998).
Work at other institutes: Professor at Polytechnical Institute (Moscow): 1976-1989.
Work abroad: Professor at the National Institute of the Hydrocarbons in Boumerdes (Algeria): 1973-1975, Invited Professor of a number of Universities in France (Marseille, Paris, Nancy, Annecy) and Italy (Genoa): 1989-2002.

Main fields of scientific activity: thermodynamic properties and phase diagrams of optoelectronic systems.

The author of review papers for the handbook “Thermal constants of compounds”, edited by the academician V.P. Glushko, Edition VINITI (1966-1978).

Honours and Awards:

  • First Prize of the USSR Mendeleev Chemical Society (1978)
  • Title “Honorary scientist of the Russian Federation” (1999).
  • Награжден медалями “Ветеран Труда” и “850 лет Москвы”.

Хобби: велосипед, лыжи, плавание, иностранные языки, классическая музыка и литература.